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NRA Home Firearms Safety Course MA LTC-007

The NRA Home Safety Course (LTC-007) is a comprehensive hands on, 4 to 5-hour course for safe gun handling. In this small class you will handle the actual firearms while learning. This course is ideal for anyone as an introduction into firearms who wants to obtain their Massachusetts Basic Firearms Safety Certificate. This certificate qualifies you to apply for your MA LTC. Following the classroom, students will receive an additional personal one-on-one live fire lesson with a Certifified Firearms Instructor.
• students are taught NRA’s three rules for safe gun handling
• primary causes of firearms accidents
• different types of firearms
• firearm parts
• how to assess, handle, unload make safe revolvers and semi-automatic pistols
• how to assess, handle, unload and make safe rifles and shotguns
• ammunition components
• cleaning; care
• safe storage of firearms in the home
• Massachusetts Firearm Laws
• Massachusetts LTC/FID licensing process
• General guidelines on interstate travel with firearms.
• Students will receive a packet with a generous amount of printed material outlining the class and providing additional resources to MA Law.
Live Fire:
Beyond the minimum required by the state and in addition to the class time, each student will receive one hour of personal one-on-one live fire training with a Certified Firearms Instructor that will cover safe firearm handeling, loading, unloading, stance, grip, trigger control and proper follow through.
Students will complete, sign a written safety brief and receive verbal instruction that includes proper observing, entering, proper use of and leaving a range.
Upon completion of the course, the student will receive a Massachusetts State Police Basic Firearms Safety Certificate that includes a Live Fire Certification.
For a complete description of Live Fire, click HERE.

Classroom and Live Fire, including all materials and range fee, just $150.00

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I am pleased at the group of instructors that have enthusisiactly agreed to teach for this program. Coming here will be a list of these dedicated people and a little about them.


Initially, the program will be offered in our location in Lowell MA. We are looking to expand into other communities. Look for updates here.

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