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The question is always asked;  Why are you thinking about a firearm?  If you answer, for sport and hunting, congratulations.  There are many sporting activities  for you and your family.   If you are thinking about self defense at all, then you need to read  and consider these next comments carefully.

Many people buy a firearm the way they buy a television.  They do a little research, get information, make a purchase and then they are off to their next project.

Self defense is a strategy. A firearm just one of the many tools in your self defense strategy. Your decision to buy a firearm has not addressed the strategy of self defense. You have merely bought one of the tools. Buying a firearm doesn't educate you in self defense strategy anymore than buying a hammer makes you a carpenter.

"If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.". -Abraham Maslow. So it follows, If the only tool you have for self defense is a firearm then everything tends to look like a need for one.

True life threatning circumstances will be unike anything you have ever experienced. That moment won't ask you if you are ready, is it comfortable now or give you any time to prepare. It will just happen. Training creates choices. You have a responsibility to get educated. Your ability to understand conflict and to use common sense tools to reduce or eliminate a threat without a firearm is not only imperative but in many states, it is the law.

We go through our daily routines managing the stress we meet on a daily basis. Realistically, how serious are the events that create that stress? Society here in the United States is well organized. Our laws, courts and law enforcement have done a great job of greatly reducing serious threats. Putting this into perspective, have you actually experienced life threatening circumstances?

"Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge." ~Charles Darwin

Decisions in that moment are not simple. GET TRAINING, It is foolish and reckless not to.


The choice to use a firearm is a decision. It should be the last decision anyone should make.  The best way to reduce the use of the firearm is to effectively teach the alternative choices, how and when to use them, along with the education and planning that reduces the exposure to risk.

Safety through education.


I am pleased at the group of instructors that have enthusisiactly agreed to teach for this program. Coming here will be a list of these dedicated people and a little about them.


Initially, the program will be offered in our location in Lowell MA. We are looking to expand into other communities. Look for updates here.

Don't be the victim

Don't take the bait.

Trust me,  don't do it !



Sometimes nothing is what it seems, even though what it seems ... is very convincing.