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training creates choices

We are explorations in Critical Thinking Under Stress as relates to Self Defense.

"IF the only tool you have is a hammer, every job tends to look like a nail" ~ Abraham Maslow. 

Obtaining a firearm and or license is but a first step.  Joining a range and getting involved in training is what  begins to answer in depth, questions about safety, proper use and self defense.

In addition to training with your firearm, consider medical training,  training in conflict resolution, de escalation techniques and strategies, as well as  the physical skills through martial arts.  Training creates awareness, increases intuitive options and makes you safer through smarter choices.

"Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge." ~Charles Darwin

The choice to use a firearm is a decision.  It should be the last decision anyone should make.  The best way to be sure a firearm  is the right choice is to understand all of your choices.

Firearms Law for the concerned  citizen

Conflict Resolution and De Escalation
CPR and Basic First Aid
Principals of Concealed Carry
Life Saver Trauma Med Class
MA Basic Firearm Safety Class

MA Basic Firearm Certidicate (For MA LTC)

We are not challenging our 2nd amendment constitutional rights, rather, we are challenging our common sense as to what constitutes responsible decisions, appropriate training and effective self defense strategies.

Safety through education.


I am pleased at the group of instructors that have enthusisiactly agreed to teach for this program. Coming here will be a list of these dedicated people and a little about them.


Initially, the program will be offered in our location in Lowell MA. We are looking to expand into other communities. Look for updates here.

Don't be the victim

Don't take the bait.

Trust me,  don't do it !



Sometimes nothing is what it seems, even though what it seems ... is very convincing.