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training creates choices

When one ownes a firearm they must address the issue of "With great strength comes great responsibility". - unknown

Obtaining a license and firearm is only a first step.  Joining a range, getting involved in training, is what  begins to answer the questions of the greater responsibility.

Owning a firearm is our right. Training is our responsibility.

Honestly, the likelyhood you will need your firearm in a defensive situation is very small.  Not impossible,  just small.  We train for that and that training reduces the risk you will need your firearm in a defensive situation greatly.  Let's be honest again.  The possibility that, in one's lifetime, of needing to help someone medically is 100%.   Training does not necessarialy reduce that possibility, it does however,  improve your chance of successfully saving a life.   It is not a question of "if" but a question of "when".   So, what medical training are you doing?

Our upcoming classes address these important issues.

Situational Planning with Dr. Steve Moysey PhD Psycology
June 22, 2019 171 Lincoln St. Lowell MA 9:30am to 12:30pm
Contact Larry 978 664 3595

MA Basic Firearm Safety Class with Zack Anderson
May 18, 2019 9am to 1pm 171 Lincoln St. Lowell MA
Contact Zack Anderson 508 494 3437

Coming, Stay Tuned, Suicide Awareness and Prevention
171 Lincoln St. Lowell MA 01952

CPR and Basic First Aid
Principals of Concealed Carry
Life Saver Trauma Med Class

Safety through education.


I am pleased at the group of instructors that have enthusisiactly agreed to teach for this program. Coming here will be a list of these dedicated people and a little about them.


Initially, the program will be offered in our location in Lowell MA. We are looking to expand into other communities. Look for updates here.

Don't be the victim

Don't take the bait.

Trust me,  don't do it !



Sometimes nothing is what it seems, even though what it seems ... is very convincing.